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by Tensar International, on Mar 5, 2019 12:35:44 PM

Soil reinforcement made from steel or various polymeric materials are conventionally used in many construction projects around the country, but when it comes to areas with more extreme soil chemistries, …

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by Tensar International, on Dec 5, 2018 1:47:51 PM

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georiga, Tensar is the largest geogrid producer and full-service provider of innovative materials, including TriAx Geogrid. As the industry leader in soil stabilization and reinforcement, our products …

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by Tensar International, on Nov 2, 2018 1:35:51 PM

Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada are currently the only two U.S. cities in close proximity of each other with populations over 1 million people that aren’t directly connected by …

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Topics:InfrastructureGeogridWalls & SlopesGrade Separation