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It's time for something new...
a better way to build from a new way of thinking.

Join Tensar Americas right here the week of August 9th for the Tensar InterAxion Conference. This virtual event will be a series of short presentations focused on innovation in construction and a look towards a more resilient future. We will also unveil the most advanced geogrid on the market developed for stronger, longer-lasting infrastructure. The topic of resiliency in infrastructure is timely as the US awaits an infrastructure bill that could potentially inject billions of dollars into the construction of roads, bridges, and highways.

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  • August 9 / Monday

    Tensar Innovation Unveiling

  • August 10 / Tuesday

    Technology for the Greater Good

  • August 11 / Wednesday

    Multidimensional Savings

  • August 12 / Thursday

    Redefining Success

Tell me more about each day's topic...


The unveiling of the most advanced geogrid on the market. Learn how our latest technology creates stronger, longer-lasting infrastructure.


Expanding our view of technology, this series of talks dives into a broader range of innovative technologies – proven, cost-effective and available now as well as those yet to come – which can change the trajectory for resilient infrastructure development.


Going beyond purely financial savings, these presentations explore the true value of constructing resilient infrastructure, recognizing that sustainable development is not a zero-sum game.


This series challenges construction industry leaders to rethink how they define success by understanding the social, economic, and environmental impact on surrounding communities.

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