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Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Tensar is the largest geogrid producer and full-service provider of innovative materials, including TriAx Geogrid. As the industry leader in soil stabilization and reinforcement, our products and technologies equip you to build smarter, stronger and more efficiently.  

Tensar solutions incorporate unique, engineered applications for commercial, industrial, municipal, residential and transportation infrastructure site development. We solve common site development problems such as grade changes requiring retaining walls and poor soil conditions affecting the cost of roadways, parking lots and building structures. What else do we bring to the table?

 30+ Years Experience  |  4 Global Manufacturing Facilities  | 500 Distributors Worldwide 


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Tensar System Approach How We Help

Tensar 360° System Advantage

Our system approach to construction means that we'll partner with you throughout your project's lifespan – from planning and design to installation and on-site consulting – to help cut labor and material costs and get the job done faster. You will experience the convenience of having a supplier, design service, and site support all through one qualified account manager who will support your projects.



Tensar is the industry leader in soil stabilization and reinforcement. We have developed products and technologies that have been at the forefront of the geotechnical industry for the past three decades. As a result, you know you can rely on our systems and design expertise. Our products are backed by the most thorough quality assurance practices in the industry. And, we provide comprehensive design assistance for every Tensar system.


Site Assessment

We can partner with any member of your team at the beginning of your project to recommend a Tensar Solution that optimizes your budget, financing and construction scheduling.


Design Assistance

Experienced Tensar design engineers, regional sales managers, and distributors will develop budget estimates and proposals to help you evaluate your best construction options and determine the most cost-effective approach.



Our value-engineered solutions feature stamped drawings with precise construction details. Changing site conditions can be quickly addressed in the field or in our Engineering Department.


Site Support

Tensar regional sales managers and our distribution partners can advise your designers, contractors and construction crews to ensure the proper installation of our products and prevent unnecessary scheduling delays.



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