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    Author Tensar International

    Date05 12 2018

    As the largest geogrid producer in the world and pioneer of innovative materials, including TriAx Geogrid, Tensar is uniquely equipped to help you build smarter, stronger and more efficiently. We hope you join us on our blog where we will focus on topics related to infrastructure design and construction. Simply add your email to form on the right to be alerted to new posts that are of interest to you.

    Count on Tensar

    We’ll partner with you throughout your project lifespan – from planning and design to installation and on-site consulting – to help cut labor and material costs and get the job done faster. Talk with us today, then let’s lay the groundwork for tomorrow.

    Our site development solutions, provided directly to the owner or to the engineer, general contractor or subcontractor, typically include:

    • Conceptual Site Evaluation
    • Conceptual Engineering and Design
    • Stamped Engineering Designs
    • Supply of Associated Specialty Materials
    • Construction Assistance



    A little more about Tensar...

    Tensar International is headquartered in Atlanta, is a full-service provider of specialty products and engineering services that offer innovative and cost-effective alternatives to traditional construction methods. Tensar solutions are based on advanced soil stabilization and reinforcement technologies and incorporate unique, engineered applications for commercial, industrial, municipal, residential and transportation infrastructure site development. The company specializes in solutions for common site development challenges, including grade changes requiring retaining walls and poor soil conditions affecting the cost of roadways, parking lots and building structures. Patented, polymeric Tensar Geogrids and Tensar’s Geopier foundation reinforcement piers are the primary components of the company’s systems, offering reliable strength and durability. Contracted services include site evaluation, conceptual engineering, design, value engineering and installation advice.

    Global Reach:

    • Includes 9 offices and more than 600 employees
    • Operating and supplying out of 4 manufacturing facilities

    • Global network of distribution partners




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