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Muddy sites and cold temperatures are no match for Tensar InterAx® geogrid

Winter doesn't have to slow down your job site. Tensar InterAx® geogrid keeps project sites moving all season long, so you can stay on budget and on schedule. Simple and easy to install, it has been used in thousands of projects around the world, improving the performance of poor soils and saving time and money in the process. 

Stay productive, on schedule and on budget- whatever the weather. Here are a few examples:

  • Stuck equipment: Heavy equipment won’t sink when access roads and working platforms are built with Tensar geogrid.
  • Cold Temperatures: Tensar geogrid can be installed in almost all types of weather, unlike chemical stabilization which has specific temperature and moisture requirements.
  • Use Less Aggregate: Tensar geogrid rolls out over soft, wet soils and interlocks with aggregate to create firm access roads and working platforms. You'll spend less on aggregate and labor.
  • Curing Time: Your site is immediately accessible once Tensar geogrid is installed. Cement and lime stabilization require lengthy curing times.

Request your InterAx sample and start planning your cold weather strategy. Simply fill out the form to get started.

Project Success: Wompatuck State Park

When the Wompatuck State Park project was threatened by unexpected soft soils and rain, Tensar InterAx geogrid saved on material costs and kept it moving forward.


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The Tensar Difference

With Tensar, you can design and build with confidence because we empower you to achieve cost-effective, proven, engineered solutions. Fueled by an innovative spirit, our industry-leading technology solves the toughest soil stabilization, earth reinforcement, and site development challenges.