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Using Geogrids, Geotextiles, and Natural Materials for Fine-Grained Soil Separation

Design methods and material options to maintain the integrity of granular layers over fine-grained soils

Duration: 1 hour

In this video, we will review the options available to the designer for maintaining the integrity of granular fill layers which are placed over fine-grained soils to provide a stable surface. Multiple design approaches are available for addressing this common challenge, using both natural materials and geosynthetics such as geogrids and geotextiles. The following topics will be included:

  • Applicability of different approaches

  • Advantages and disadvantages of each approach

  • Cost/benefit analysis

  • Common misconceptions on this subject, and how they can lead to inefficient designs or even failures

This course may serve as one (1) Professional Development Hour - Completion of Video is Required to Obtain Certificate.