Cold, wet weather slowing you down? TriAx Geogrid keeps job sites moving.

TriAx Geogrid is the all-weather answer to stabilizing soft soils, even in the most challenging conditions.


TriAx Geogrid keeps construction schedules moving forward. Stop waiting for:

  • Perfect weather - TriAx Geogrid can be installed in all types of weather, unlike chemical stabilization which has specific temperature and moisture requirements.
  • Your site to dry - TriAx Geogrid rolls out over soft, wet soils and interlocks with a thin aggregate layer to create firm access roads and working platforms. Even on sites that are too soft for fabric to handle.
  • Stuck equipment – Heavy equipment won’t sink when access roads and working platforms are built with TriAx Geogrid.
  • Curing Time – Your site is immediately accessible once TriAx has been installed. Cement and lime stabilization require lengthy curing times.

Project Example:
We helped a contractor complete a subdivision project that was too cold for lime stabilization. You can watch the video below and download the project profile to find out how TriAx Geogrid kept the job moving forward even through snow.


What is TriAx Geogrid?

What may look like a simple roll of plastic is actually a powerful, game changing tool. It stabilizes the ground, creating a strong foundation even in challenging soil conditions like weak, wet or compressible subgrades. Bad weather will no longer cost you profit-killing downtime since TriAx improves site access and keeps you going even when job sites get wet and sloppy. It can also reduce aggregate costs, directly impacting your bottom line. Check out this quick, one-minute video to see how our geogrid works.


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