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TriAx Geogrid has helped pavement engineers around the world optimize their designs to get the longest service life for their budget. Due to its ability to efficiently confine aggregate, TriAx reduces the required aggregate and pavement thickness while improving the overall performance.

Ryan Crabtree

Regional Sales Manager:
Oklahoma & Northern Texas


(425) 419-6792

About Ryan

Ryan was born and raised in California. Throughout his life he has been an avid outdoorsman and a fitness fanatic. Ryan received his B.S. from San Diego State University in 2004. Ryan came to Tensar in 2018 with a diverse background in the construction industry, distribution, manufacturing, and installation. His first position at Tensar was with our Walls & Slopes group based out of Denver, Colorado. As an RSM, Ryan helped manage the Rock Mountain region. As of February 2020, Ryan has moved to Dallas, Texas as our Roadways RSM for North Texas and Oklahoma.


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