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SpectraPave Software Training Video


Online Resources to Build Better Pavements

By downloading SpectraPave Software, you have already taken a step towards building higher performing pavements. That's because SpectraPave utilizes TriAx Geogrid, an advanced technology that is proven to create more cost-effective, safer, and longer-lasting roads and structures for tax payers and owners. 

We recommend that you also visit our Building Better Pavements online resource center to learn more about building smarter, more reliable pavements. Here you'll find a webinar, complimentary design tools, informative articles and examples of successful pavement projects that accomplished significant cost and time savings.

We also encourage you to visit our online learning portal, Tensar Professional Education. This platform offers engineers the ability to earn PDH credits while learning design methods utilizing geogrid technology. These courses are all free and can be accessed 24/7.


We can help.

Curious if you're missing a cost savings opportunity on a project? Request a project review and your local Tensar representative will work with you to maximize project goals, whether they be related to increased design life or cost/timeline reductions.

Tensar has developed a wide range of educational programs for owners, engineers and contractors. These programs demonstrate how using Tensar technology and services can create efficiencies in roadway designs and other civil and construction applications. Request a free training session with your local Tensar representative.

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