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High-Performing Roadway & Sitework Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Poor soils, weak subgrades and harsh weather or environmental conditions can make the construction and maintenance of access roads, laydown yards, drilling pads and other working platforms more difficult, dangerous and costly. Exposed to the continual heavy loads of trucks, cranes, drilling rigs and other equipment, without mechanical soil stabilization these sites are subject to rapid deterioration beyond effective use.

In particular, durable Tensar TriAx Geogrids installed with structural fill have been proven to:

  • Reduce aggregate requirements up to 60%, along with additional savings in labor and equipment construction costs

  • Reduce rutting from heavy loads to create longer lasting access and haul roads, working platforms and laydown areas with fewer maintenance cycles

  • Improve surface quality of roads and platforms to increase safety, operational speed and productivity

  • Create stable and more uniform roadways and working surfaces, minimizing the potential for dangerous potholes or washouts

  • Preserve post-drilling production site access for reaching workover rigs in key locations

  • Eliminate the challenges of chemical stabilization of weak soils, including safety of personnel and the environment

  • Allow cold climate construction and rig movement, with no need to sacrifice performance and productivity during freeze-thaw cycles


One drilling site superintendent after his experience after a TriAx Geogrid installation:

"Last year, our sites were mud bogs…
this year, they’re like superhighways.”





How Geogrids Work:  Mechanical Interlock


More Solutions

Tensar also offers solutions for other applications that can be used in oil and gas site development projects including:
Retaining Wall Structures  | Steepened Slopes & Slope Repair Structures  |  Tank Farm Foundations


Design Support and Project Assistance You Can Rely On

As the worldwide leader in geogrid technology and design support, Tensar's products and technologies are backed by the most thorough quality assurance practices in the industry. We provide comprehensive design and site assistance for every stage of a project. For example, we’ll provide support to analyze local soil conditions at no charge. This service delivers a more accurate assessment of in-place soil parameters such as stiffness and strength of near-surface soils, leading to a more reliable and economical design.

Given a specific set of soil and proposed loading conditions, a full design section can be developed by Tensar. In addition, we can provide case studies, system specifications, technical notes, installation guidelines, preliminary cost estimates as well as additional supporting documentation.

Altogether, Tensar’s engineers and technical support staff, regional managers and national distribution network strive to keep our systems at the forefront of today’s design technology and customer needs. Rely on the experience, resources and expertise that have set the industry standard for nearly three decades.



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