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Resilient Solutions for Coastal & Waterway Construction & Protection

Construction and protection projects along eroding coastal areas and waterways are among the most challenging to undertake. Irregular land contours, variable subgrades, continuous scour and a variety of harsh conditions can make any project increasingly difficult to stage and execute. Conventional solutions can be less adaptable to these dynamic environments.

Tensar International’s Coastal and Waterway Systems adapt to the most difficult conditions to provide durable solutions that reduce costs. A family of innovative composite marine structures, Triton Systems are made of geogrid and geotextile materials designed to be integrated with available fill and/or native vegetation.


Altogether, Tensar marine solutions are used for:

  • Living shoreline structures
  • Erosion control and scour protection  on causeway, levee, dike and bridge approach projects
  • Foundations or cores for breakwaters, groins, underwater utility/pipeline installations, etc.
  • Channel linings
  • Bridge scour protection
  • Underlayers for riprap in submerged and soft soils
  • In situ capping of contaminated sediments
  • Shore protection and sediment dewatering

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Living Shoreline


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Shoreline Protection


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 Sediment Capping

Flexible and resilient, Tensar's marine mattresses conform to land contours and site formations, resisting scour far better than rigid systems. And because they feature Tensar Geogrids, they resist all naturally occurring forms of chemical, biological and environmental degradation – from salt water to industrial runoff to contaminated sediments. That’s why they’re often specified for aggressive site conditions where other types of materials would rapidly deteriorate.



A family of innovative composite marine structures, Tensar's marine solutions are made of geogrid and geotextile materials designed to be integrated with available fill and/or native vegetation. 

Marine Mattress System  |  Filter Mattress System  |  Marine Cells  |  Grid Composite System
Gabions and Gabion Mats  |  Geotextile Tubes  |  Vegetated Reinforced Soil Slopes



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