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Tensar Pavement Optimization for Rigid and Flexible PavementsBy using TriAx Geogrid for ground stabilization, your rigid and flexible pavements projects will see the following benefits:

  • Improvement of Site Access/Constructability

  • Lower Construction & Maintenance Costs

  • Extended Pavement Life



Tensar Construction Savings

Tensar's TriAx Geogrid paves the way to lower pavement construction costs by optimizing pavement components. Research indicates that use of TriAx can reduce aggregate layer thickness 25-50%.


In addition, life cycle cost savings are achieved through preservation of the pavement structure, reduced maintenance, and extended rehabilitation intervals.



Tensar can help you build stronger, longer-lasting rigid and flexible pavements

By using TriAx Geogrid for ground stabilization, your rigid and flexible pavements projects will see the following benefits:

  • Improvement site access/constructability

  • Lower construction & maintenance costs

  • Extended pavement life

  • Increase speed of travel center construction

    • The installation process for Tensar TriAx is extremely straightforward

    • TriAx Geogrid is the all-weather answer to stabilizing soft soils and keeping projects moving forward, even in the most challenging conditions

    • Using less aggregate leads to quicker installation when compared to other solutions that use conventional soil stabilization techniques

    • By speeding project timelines and material requirements, the number of dump trucks servicing projects is reduced - resulting in carbon emission reductions

  • Increased bearing capacity of heavy duty pavements

  • Control of differential settlement

  • Creation of a uniform subgrade elevation for pavements constructed to carry heavily-loaded traffic in the areas around travel centers and stores


How Geogrid Works 

Tensar-Pavement-Optimization-Cross-SectionsTensar TriAx Geogrid confines aggregate fill to create a mechanically stabilized layer (MSL) that is significantly stiffer and more robust than a conventional unbound aggregate layer. The enhanced structural characteristics of the MSL allow the designer to obtain greater performance from the total pavement structure, which results in more economical construction, more consistent surfaces, improved performance, and longer life.





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