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Walls & Slope Solutions: Temporary Walls & Pressure Relief Walls

In this session, we’ll discuss two special applications for Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls: temporary walls and pressure relief walls. Temporary walls can be used for a variety of purposes related to construction sequencing and expediency, including temporary access ramps, bridge abutments, and support of earthwork. Pressure relief walls can offer significant savings on structures which have large areas below grade, by providing a more efficient means of containing the earth pressure on the structure than conventional methods, permitting more efficient construction. We’ll discuss the design theory and practical aspects of both applications, and provide project examples.


Course Materials

Presentation Deck SS

Presentation Deck: Tensar Walls & Slopes Solutions - Temporary Walls & Pressure Relief Walls

Specification for Galvanized Steel SS

Specification for Galvanized Steel Wire Formed, Stone Filled Mechanically Stabilized Earth Retaining Wall

SS SierraScape Standards

SierraScape Standard Details (Specifications)


This course may serve as one (1) Professional Development Hour - Completion of Video is Required to Obtain Certificate.

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