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  • First Let's Look at Estimating Soil Strength and Cost to Repair

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What are Geogrids?

A geogrid is a geosynthetic material used to stabilize soil. Today, more pavement designers are choosing to implement geogrids to improve the performance of the aggregate within pavement structures to combat increasing material costs, withstand increasing traffic loads and inadequate pavement structures created with traditional pavement sections. 

How do geogrids work? Geogrids have openings, called apertures, which allow aggregate to strike through and provide confinement and interlock. Geogrids can improve the long-term performance of paved and unpaved roadways by minimizing aggregate movement and maintaining modulus values. 

How Geogrids Work


TriAx Geogrid at Work in the Real World

Due to its ability to efficiently confine aggregate, TriAx reduces the required aggregate thickness while improving the overall performance. 

Material and Time Savings

Aggregate reduction and project was
finished ahead of schedule.

Soft Soil Municipal River Terminal Project Profile

Material Savings

Aggregate reduced by 17 inches and avoids additional WDNR permitting.

Wood County Truck Highway D Project Profile

Construction Near Wetlands

TriAx stabilizes haul road near marsh that supports heavy construction equipment.

Soil stabilization near wetlands

Project Timeline Savings

TriAx Geogrid saves construction time compared to a time consuming cement stabilization solution

TriAx speeds subdivision construction

Access Road Stabilization

TriAx stabilizes weak soils for a
wind farm project.

TriAx stabilizes weak soil for wind farm

Cost Savings

TriAx Solutions saved an estimated $250,000 on this lake restoration project.Soft soil cost savings

About Tensar

At Tensar International, finding solutions that lower construction costs and bring added value is our top priority. That’s why we put our experts to work, showing engineers and contractors around the world how to build smarter infrastructure using geogrid technology. With decades of research and real-world experience under our belt, our geogrid solutions bring significant cost and time savings across a wide range of civil applications like:

Soil Stabilization  |  Pavement Optimization  |  Foundations
Working Platforms  |  Walls and Slopes

We're proud to offer state-of-the-art design solutions – specialty solutions based on advanced technologies proven since 1982. Tested in the most challenging conditions, these comprehensive solutions save time, resources and money. They’ve become the standard by which others are measured.


All geosynthetics are not created equal.

Tensar TriAx Geogrid has been tested extensively to ensure long-term performance and value.

Your reputation is at stake anytime your stamp is used on a design. At Tensar, we don’t take this lightly. That’s why we have invested extensively in research and testing of our TriAx Geogrid, proving its design and performance parameters time and again. You can use your stamp with confidence every time TriAx Geogrid is specified in a design. Don’t risk using products with unproven technologies.


Tensar TriAx Research Chart

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