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FAQs in Comparing Geogrids for Roadbed Performance



How am I supposed to be able to evaluate all the testing presented to me?

Unless you are an expert in pavement design, it may be very difficult to evaluate all of the information that may be submitted to you, and to find time to do so. Unscrupulous suppliers often try to take advantage of this fact by providing large quantities of information, even though it is not sufficient to show equivalency. You can reduce the confusion by writing a specification that includes the information in By using the checklists outlined above – depending on the application (subgrade stabilization or designing a pavement).

Need Assistance in Evaluation Equivalence?

Tensar geogrid products are the most rigorously tested geogrids in the world.  Each year, Tensar invests millions of dollars to document the performance of our products, and provide engineers with the best possible solutions for their projects.  Many additional research documents, design tools and software are available.  For more information, please reach out to your Tensar Regional Sales Manager or click the link below.

Need Assistance in Evaluation Equivalence?