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Jim Sanneman

Customer Education Manager

About Jim

Jim has 33 years of sales, sales management, marketing, marketing management and business development experience with engineered solutions for the construction industry and 23 years of experience with Tensar engineered solutions and applications.

Prior to working in the private sector, Jim spent 8 years working in the public sector with a city agency managing Public/Private investment projects in Commercial, Residential, Parks and Infrastructure projects. Using Community Development Block Grants to the city, those projects leveraged $7.00 of private investment for every $1.00 of public investment.

He received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Purdue University in Landscape Architecture in 1979.

Jim is Vietnam Era veteran, serving in the Army Security Agency from 1972 to 1975. He was part of the US Intelligence network of the cold war, operating as a Morse code interceptor, stationed in a secret bunker on a NATO air base in Turkey

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