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  • Increase Performance with Ballast & Sub-ballast Stabilization

  • Track Design with Spectra Rail Software

  • Intermodal Facilites: Improve Pavement Performance


What are Geogrids?

A geogrid is a geosynthetic material used to stabilize soil. Today, more designers are choosing to implement geogrids to improve the performance of the aggregate within structures to combat increasing material costs and withstand heavy traffic loads. 

How do geogrids work? Geogrids have openings, called apertures, which allow aggregate to strike through and provide confinement and interlock. As the aggregate layer stiffens, the load distribution over the underlying ballast or sub-ballast is enhanced, increasing its effective bearing capacity. Shear forces imposed within the aggregate layer as a result of trains passing are thereby partially transferred into the geogrid. Geogrids can improve the long-term performance of tracks by minimizing aggregate movement and maintaining modulus values. 

How Geogrids Work

Learn about out grade separation solutions for rail

Tensar Grade Separation Solutions


SpectraRail System at Work in the Real World

Rail MapFrom light rail to heavy Class 1 rail structures, Tensar's Geogrid technology has provided significant cost savings and improved performance on projects across the country. 

Sub-Ballast Reduction and Service Life Extended

Port of Long Beach Intermodal: Sub-ballast extends track performance an estimated 20 years.



Significant Maintenance Reduction

Class 1 track maintenance extended from weekly to yearly; speed restrictions lifted.



Cost and Time Savings

TriAx solution eliminates over-excavation and saves time compared to chemical stabilization.

Rangeland Loving NM 91018


Cost Savings

Tensar solution reduces  sub-ballast by four inches and avoided moving 900 ft of utilities.SPECTRA_CS_UTRAIL_Page_1


Time Savings & Rail Support

TriAx Geogrid solution expedites
construction over lime stabilization.



Material & Time Savings

Required aggregate reduced by half
TriAx_CS_OK_Frac Sand andTransload Facility 2


Geopier GeoSpike

The Geopier GeoSpikeSM system is a cost effective method for strengthening weak railroad track subgrades. This system is installed without removing railroad tracks, ties, or ballast. Geospike elements are driven to design depths, then aggregate is backfilled within the pre-manufactured shell. Rail owners, contractors, and designers use the Geopier GeoSpike system to improve the roadbed. 

GeoSpike improves weak railroad tracksProject Example: Canadian National St. Clair Subdivision
Dynamic deflections of the railway reduced by 60% without removing the track, ties or ballast. Click the image to read more about the project.



Geopier SRT system

Geopier ground improvement is also used to cost-effectively stabilize shallow slides along existing soil embankments by using the Geopier SRT® system. The patented SRT Plate Pile™ method is well suited to stabilize slides or steep slopes that do not meet required stability criteria, such as slope inclination between 17 degrees (3:1) to 45 degrees (1:1), slides up to 15 feet thick, all soil types (with the exception of very loose to loose sand) overlying an underlying competent layer into which the Plate Piles penetrate and Plate Piles may be installed into soft rock (e.g. siltstone, claystone, mudstone, weathered shale, etc.).

Stabilize soil embankments neart railroadProject Example: Norfolk Southern Embankment Slope
Slope repair solution with a highly accelerated response time and construction schedule




To learn more about the GeoSpike system, SRT system and other Geopier rail solutions, email Don Herbert.

How Geopier GeoSpike Works

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A Look at Geopier SRT System

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About Tensar

At Tensar International, finding solutions that lower construction costs and bring added value is our top priority. That’s why we put our experts to work, showing engineers and contractors around the world how to build smarter infrastructure using geogrid technology. With decades of research and real-world experience under our belt, our geogrid solutions bring significant cost and time savings across a wide range of civil applications like:

Soil Stabilization  |  Pavement Optimization  |  Foundations
Working Platforms  |  Walls and Slopes

We're proud to offer state-of-the-art design solutions – specialty solutions based on advanced technologies proven since 1982. Tested in the most challenging conditions, these comprehensive solutions save time, resources and money. They’ve become the standard by which others are measured.


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