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Civil Engineering Faculty Curriculum Support

At Tensar, our success depends on the proper application of our products by the engineers who design with them. We have numerous professional education programs which share the extensive research behind geogrid technology, our design expertise, and our experience with the civil engineering community.

As part of this effort, we have several resources which are available to civil engineering faculty and professors to support your teaching in the subject areas in which we practice. We invite you to make use of them if they would benefit your students and fit with your instructional plans. 

Tensar+™ Design Software  This is Tensar’s software package for unpaved roads and flexible pavement designIt allows the user to design unpaved roads using Giroud-Han methodology and pavement designs using AASHTO 1993. It is available free of charge (link provided on this page).

TensarSoil Design Software - This is Tensar's software package for the design of Mechanically Stabilized Earth retaining walls and slopes. It is available free of charge (link provided on this page).

Course Materials – We can also support you by providing curricular materials on subjects such as geosynthetics, pavement design, mechanically stabilized earth structures, and construction over soft soils. These civil engineering course materials include slide decks, notes, supporting research, material samples, and/or test questions. Our first set of materials, available for download on this page, is an introductory session on the functions and applications of geosynthetic materials. It would be suitable for a session of 45-60 minutes, and includes a slide deck and notes. We plan to develop and make available additional course materials soon.

Guest Lectures – Our team includes subject matter experts and engineers with many years of experience who are adept at explaining the technical aspects of what we do. In a University setting, we focus on the underlying science and the extensive research Tensar conducts on an ongoing basis to understand the behavior of geosynthetic materials and how to design with them. This might consist of anything from providing an overview of geosynthetics for a single class session to a series of classes on pavement design. Let us know your needs and we’ll work with you to meet them.

Extracurricular Presentations  Do you have sessions outside of class where your students are introduced to different aspects of the profession, such as speakers at ASCE chapter meetings, career days, or seminars? We routinely provide interesting and relevant civil engineering content for these types of training sessions. 


Bryan-Gee-HeadshotIf we can be of service in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact Tensar's Director of Education & Training, Bryan Gee:


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Design Software

Download Tensar's FREE design software:

Access Tensar+ Design Software

Download TensarSoil Wall Design Software

Course Materials

Introduction to Geosynthetics Class Materials

Download Presentation Deck

Download Presentation Notes


Two Part Webinar on Enhanced Pavement Design Using Geosynthetics

Tensar Geosynthetics Webinar - Part 1
click image to watch the presentation

Download Presentation Deck - Part 1


Tensar Geosynthetics Webinar - Part 2
click image to watch the presentation

Download Presentation Deck - Part 2

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