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Designing and Constructing Working Surfaces and Heavy Haul Roads in the PetroChemical Industry

This webinar discusses how Tensar TriAx Geogrid and FilterGrid can be used to create and/or improve petrochem and oil & gas sites.  We’ll explore how TriAx works to stabilize sites with poor subgrades trafficked by heavily loaded trucks and construction equipment; and, how FilterGrid creates strong construction platforms over wet, silty subgrades, often with CBRs below 0.5.  We will also share recent examples from projects that benefited greatly from Tensar’s technology, although some details will be omitted due to existing NDAs. The discussion will be led by Tensar’s Scott Phillips, P.E., who has many years of design experience in the petrochem and oil & gas industries.


This course may serve as one (1) Professional Development Hour - Completion of Video is Required to Obtain Certificate.