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Reliable Surfaces for Oil Rig & Equipment Storage Yards

by Scott Phillips, P.E., on Apr 17, 2020 10:30:00 AM

Before Covid-19, most E&P’s were thinking about the next spudding, not about transporting their rigs and equipment to storage yards. However, with oil prices recently hitting a 70-year low, that's the reality we're facing. Now, all-weather storage surfaces and access roads have become an immediate necessity, especially when you consider transporting heavy equipment, or building and servicing these surfaces during the rain-drenched spring.

IMG_0085Unlike conventional construction practices, such as cement or lime treatment that requires dry weather and long curing times, Triax Geogrid can be used to improve any site regardless of the soil or loading conditions. And, because TriAx installation is not hindered by wet weather, your construction schedule keeps moving.

For many years, Triax Geogrids have been used extensively in the oil and gas industry - from typical single-well drill pads to multi-acre compressor stations, to pipeline access roads.  No matter the type of rigs or equipment, or what they weigh, using Tensar Triax can help you build safe and reliable storage and equipment lay-down yards and access roads.  With the shift from rig movement to all-weather storage surfaces, Triax geogrids can help build, improve and maintain rig and equipment storage facilities . In addition, construction will be faster and more cost-effective while maintenance will be significantly less.

To learn how to build better surfaces for your rig and equipment storage sites and save money while doing so, visit Tensar’s oil and gas resource center.

Oil & Gas Resource Center

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