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Geogrids, the soft soil solution

Partnering with Tensar puts you in control when soft soils threaten budgets and construction schedules. We have invested millions of dollars in research over five decades leading to the development of the most advanced geogrid on the market: Tensar InterAx geogrid.
Tensar InterAx geogrid is a cost-efficient way to stabilize soft soil so that you can stay on budget and on schedule. It confines aggregate better than other geogrids as demonstrated in the animation below. Keeping aggregate in place is essential to maintaining a stiff, strong layer. This also allows you to use less aggregate and get the same or better performance. It's crunch time - let us help you end the year strong.
But don't just take our word for it - seeing is believing. Request your free sample today and you can feel the difference for yourself. We'll also give you our soft subgrade pocket card which can help you estimate the soil strength and then figure out the most cost-effective fix.


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