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  • Solutions for Coastal & Waterway Erosion

  • How Triton Marine Mattresses Protect from Coastal Erosion

  • Compare Scour Protection Methods


Tensar marine mattress protects banks of Panama Canal




TRITON Marine Mattress filled



What is a Triton Marine Mattress?

A Triton® Marine Mattress is an engineered structure made from Tensar Uniaxial Geogrid that's filled with stone. These mattresses were developed for erosion control and submerged foundation applications, including:

  • Shoreline revetments and dune stabilization
  • Foundations for breakwaters, jetties, groins and dikes
  • Pipeline cover to prevent scour and protect submerged pipelines
  • Scour mats for underwater pipeline crossings and sewage outfalls
  • Riverbank protection, channel lining and bridge scour abatement

Triton Marine Mattresses are available in various styles and thickness options to meet specific project requirements. Increased hydraulic performance and constructability advantages mean Triton Systems can be significantly less expensive than conventional solutions such as riprap. Learn more in our eBook below. Click the image to expand to full screen.


Download More Triton Info

Triton Systems Brochure

Triton Marine Mattress BrochureClick the image above to download 

Triton Marine Mattress Installation Guide

Triton Marine Mattress Installation GuideClick the image above to download 


Triton Marine Mattresses at Work in the Real World

Triton Marine Mattresses have been used on coastal erosion projects across the country, withstanding some of Mother Nature's harshest conditions. Here are just a few examples that prove their long-term performance. 

Featured Project: Panama Canal North Approach Wall


HubSpot Video



Proven Performance

In a seven year study, Triton Mattresses prove to
be most effective at shoreline protection.

Shoreline protection


Protection from Superstorms

For 23 years, Triton Mattresses have protected the beaches of this state park, even when faced with major storm events.

Shoreline Revetment Cape May


Scour Protection

Triton Mattresses were the preferred option for this major bridge project in New Jersey.

Scour protection Manahawkin Project


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