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Facing Erosive Waves with Triton Marine Mattresses

by Steve Williams, P.E., on Dec 21, 2021 10:00:00 AM

LBK_27-JULY-2021-02-1024x576Since 1993 over 7.7 million cubic yards of sand have been pumped onto the beaches of Longboat Key to counteract the erosive forces of waves from the Gulf of Mexico.  In order to provide a more permanent solution, Olsen Associates worked with the city of Longboat Key and developed a plan consisting of rock groins underlain by Triton Marine mattresses to protect the local beaches. The mattresses provide a separation layer beneath the groins as well as toe scour protection.

Learn more about this resilient solution for protecting shorelines from erosion.

Download: Longboat Key Case Study

Topics:Coastal, Waterways, & MarineSustainabilityCoastal & Marine

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