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The next generation geogrid is arriving in the Americas this summer...

Tensar InterAx™ Geogrid


I expect that using InterAx in our equipment yard will really make the roads last with minimal maintenance. Support from Tensar during design and construction was top end.   

~Christopher Carry, P.E.

Sitework and Heavy-Highway Dept. Manager
Moser Construction

Costly delays, strained budgets, and even project failures are all too common in civil construction.

Missed deadlines due to sitework challenges cause a chain reaction of issues that often leads to headaches on the rest of the job. But you can tell a different story - a story of building with confidence and maximizing project savings without cutting corners.

Partnering with Tensar puts you in control by  increasing construction efficiency and eliminating the risks that create rework. We have invested millions of dollars in ongoing research to provide sitework solutions that often result in significant cost savings for our clients around the world. And now, those decades of research, development and  innovation have resulted in Tensar’s latest achievement: the introduction of Tensar’s InterAx Geogrid.


Proven Success

Successful clients and construction excellence have been Tensar’s mission for over fifty years.

Proven Savings

We help you deliver projects more efficiently, no matter what challenges you’re facing, just as we have for thousands of loyal customers.

Proven Technology

Twelve global teams and over 10,000 hours of R&D have led to the development of InterAx, our highest performing geogrid to date.

Where has Tensar InterAx geogrid been installed?

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Design and Build with Confidence.

With Tensar, you can design and build with confidence because we empower you to achieve cost-effective, proven, engineered solutions. Fueled by an innovative spirit, our industry-leading technology solves the toughest soil stabilization, earth reinforcement, and site development challenges.

To learn more or find out where to buy Tensar InterAx Geogrid or our other solutions, talk to your local Tensar representative or talk to us via the LiveChat in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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