Find out how we can help you to improve construction efficiency, mitigate risk and reduce delays on your next housing project! 


Tensar systems can help housebuilders meet your targets, by maximising land use, minimising construction costs and delivering new homes as quickly as possible, while maintaining profitability.

Tensar geogrid solutions can deliver up to:

  • 20% Cost savings in road constructionCPD Certified
  • 75% Cost savings in reinforced soil wall construction
  • 50% Reduction in aggregate thickness for temporary roads and platforms
  • 20% Reduction in permanent road pavement thickness

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“Tensar delivered a cost effective and robust solution for road construction and drainage installation”

Taylor Wimpey

“It would have been very difficult to develop this site economically without the TensarTech TW1 wall system. The solution enabled Jones Homes to develop a very tricky site."

Tully De’Ath


CPD Seminars 'Tensar Solutions for Housebuilders'

Tensar are pleased to offer seminars 'free of charge' which are bespoke to the your needs. The content can be tailored to your requirements and the seminar can be carried out a time and location to suit yourself and your colleagues.

Our CPD seminars are available to suit the needs of our customers and can be arranged as breakfast, lunch or evening sessions.

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