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First-of-Its-Kind Interactive Calculator Enhances Tensar SpectraPave Software

by Joe Heintz, P.E., on Mar 18, 2019 4:56:24 PM

Tensar International has released a major update to its established SpectraPave Software that lets designers, contractors and owners assess the complete short and long-term costs of pavement design options. SpectraPave’s updated Pavement Optimization module is intended to help engineers, public agencies, owners, and contractors better understand the true value of using TriAx geogrids in their pavement sections. That value can be determined by examining pavement life extension, reduction of initial construction time and cost, reduction of life cycle costs, reduction of fuel and water consumption during construction, just to name a few.

Key features in the latest release of SpectraPave include:

  • Ability to design for a specific level of performance
  • Comparison of a variety of support and loading conditions and serviceability limits
  • Evaluation and comparison of designs and costs for both unbound aggregate and mechanically stabilized aggregate layers
  • Calculators for estimating construction time, reduction of dump truck trips, and fuel and water requirements to construct a project
  • Calculators for assessing the cost of traffic delays due to congestion on surrounding public roadways
  • Visual enhancements to clearly communicate the estimated initial construction cost and life cycle cost of unstabilized and TriAx stabilized pavement sections
  • Assurance that the underlying structural calculations are based on the high-quality research and trusted product that has been proven in the market for many years

Development of the new SpectraPave tool was grounded in Tensar’s belief that true value engineering is not simply a matter of cutting costs, but requires giving careful consideration to all options, always with the project's goals in mind. A well-planned and well-executed value-engineering process can improve a project without sacrificing its essential integrity. It may even improve construction quality.

“We’ve been hearing more and more from designers, owners, and contractors, that they want to better understand the actual cost of constructing and owning a pavement section, looking beyond the initial construction cost.  The new SpectraPave value calculator allows them to do this,” said Joe Heintz, P.E., Product Manager with Tensar International Corporation. “The new SpectraPave solution also makes this information understandable and usable for all stakeholders – not just folks with pavement design backgrounds,” he added.


This comprehensive, systems-based design software suite offers the full benefits of Tensar's knowledge, research and experience in analyzing both subgrade stabilization and pavement optimization applications. No previous knowledge or experience in pavement design is required to benefit from using the software. Pavement designers, contractors and owners can learn more or download the free SpectraPave Software here: http://info.tensarcorp.com/tensar-spectrapave

Start Designing with SpectraPave


While it is recommended for users to view the training module video above prior to download and installation, no previous knowledge or experience in pavement design is required to benefit from using the software. For more information, contact Tensar Customer Service at 800-TENSAR-1 or submit your help request via our Contact Us online form.

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