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  • One-Step Ground Stabilization and Separation

  • How to Determine When a Geotextile is Needed

  • Beware: Performance Varies Across Similar Products

IMG_1751 Filter Grid Interlock Attempt


How TriAx FilterGrid Works

TriAx’s unique structure provides a high degree of in-plane stiffness through a mechanism known as lateral restraint. Lateral restraint confines and stabilizes aggregate particles within the plane of the geogrid. The confinement offered by TriAx Geogrid improves speed of construction, reduces fill requirements, and enhances the performance and durability of these working structures over time.

The non-woven filter fabric lightly laminated to TriAx Geogrid provides separation and filtration. Fine grained subgrades, especially those consisting of low plasticity silts and clays, present separation and possibly filtration needs. Tensar’s SpectraPave Software provides tools to assess if a separator is needed. This tool is based on guidance outlined in many resource documents including those of Cedegren, Terzaghi, Peck and Mesri where piping and uniformity ratios are set based on the soil type.

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