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TriAx Research

Research Documenting TriAx Geogrid Performance in Pavement Applications


>>Download the TriAx Research Summary

Navajo20 Northern Arizona

I-8 Geogrid Research

Caltrans Contract No.: 11-413604
Location: Interstate 8 in Imperial County near El Centro From 0.6 Mile West of Anderholt Road Overcrossing To 0.5 Mile East of East Highline Canal Bridge, California


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Download the Research Report

Applied Research Associates SpectraPave Review

ShacTec Review of TriAx - Caltrans Specific

Coming Soon!

TriAx vs Biaxial

Research Documenting TriAx Geogrid Performance in Comparison to Biaxial Geogrid Performance


>>Download the TriAx vs Biaxial Research Summary

Boone, Iowa Geogrid Research

Location: Boone Test Bed, Boone, IA USA


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Download the Research Report

Nevada DOT Geogrid Research

Location: Nevada Department of Transportation, Carson  City, NV


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Ingios Geotechnics Lab Geogrid Research

Location: Automated Plate Load Test, Ingios Geotechnics Lab, Minneapolis, Minnesota


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Numerical Analysis of BX vs TX

Discrete Element Modeling of TriAx vs Biaxial

2015 Geosynthetics Conference Article: Discrete element modeling of a trafficked sub-base stabilized with
biaxial and multi-axial geogrids to compare stabilization mechanisms
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2015 Geosynthetics Conference Article: Comparative Evaluation of Different Aperture Geogrids for Ballast Reinforcement through Triaxial Testing and Discrete Element Modeling
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Caltrans TriAx Project List

Representative Caltrans Tensar TriAx Geogrid Non Standard Special Provision (NSSP) Approved Project List (500 + Lane Miles)

Caltrans District 11 Reference Letter

Case Studies

State Route 91 (SR-91), Corona, CA
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State Route 98 (SR-98), Calexico, CA
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Compilation Video (Augora Hills, CA; El Centra, CA; Trenching with TriAx Geogrid)
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TriAx Geogrid nSSP

Caltrans Project Specific TriAx Geogrid Non-Standard Special Provision (NSSP)