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What are Geogrids?

All-weather, uninterrupted access to, from and around your well site, compressor stations, tank batteries, and laydown yards can be a reality. TriAx Geogrid is used in oil and gas construction to cost-effectively stabilize the soil that supports your structures and traffic. This significantly improves the performance and longevity of these surfaces, while drastically reducing your fill, haul and water requirements. And, because surfaces stabilized with TriAx Geogrid can support heavier loads, they continue to perform for longer periods of time and with less maintenance, ultimately saving you time and money. 

How do geogrids work? Geogrids have openings, called apertures, which allow aggregate to strike through and provide confinement and interlock. Geogrids can improve the long-term performance of paved and unpaved roadways by minimizing aggregate movement and maintaining modulus values. 

How Geogrids Work


TriAx Geogrid at Work on Oil, Gas
and Petrochemical Sites

TriAx Geogrid has helped owners and operators around the world optimize their designs to get the longest service life for their budget. Due to its ability to efficiently confine aggregate, TriAx reduces the required aggregate while improving the overall performance. Here are just a few examples:

Cost Savings

TriAx Geogrid saved over
$1 million on this access road project

Access Road cost savings

Material Savings

A TriAx design reduced aggregate requirements by an average of 6 inches across two sites. 
Reduce aggregate requirement for well pad

Signficant Cost Savings &
Withstands Mother Nature

Over $3 million in savings and proves performs in the face of a hurricane.

Petrochemical crane project cost savings

Asphalt Reduction

Natural gas facility saves nearly $100k with asphalt reduction.

Natural Gas Facility project cost savings

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Our system approach to construction means that we'll partner with you throughout your project's lifespan – from planning and design to installation and on-site consulting – to help cut labor and material costs and get the job done faster. You will experience the convenience of having a supplier, design service, and site support all through one streamlined source to support your project needs.


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