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What is the GlasGrid Pavement Reinforcement System?

GlasGrid Pavement Reinforcement for better performance



The GlasGrid® Pavement Reinforcement System resists the migration of reflective cracks and increases the fatigue life of asphalt overlays in roadway applications. This interlayer system is composed of a series of fiberglass strands coated with an elastomeric polymer and formed into a grid structure. When the GlasGrid System is installed between the leveling course and the surface course asphalt in a conventional asphalt overlay, it becomes the hidden strength in the road. Since a stiff tensile element is at the bottom of an overlay, cracks propagating toward the surface are intercepted and turned horizontally and prevented from migrating further. 

The use of interlayers for preventing reflective cracking has been extensively studied over the last 40 years. Several research projects have quantified the benefits of the GlasGrid System and helped to define its areas of application. Here is a brief summary of key GlasGrid studies.

GlasGrid Research Summary


What is the GlasPave Waterproofing Paving Mat?

A hybrid geosynthetic paving material, GlasPave® is a unique combination of fiberglass mesh embedded into high performance polyester mats. The non-woven matrix structure of GlasPave allows for an asphalt binder to penetrate and fill voids within the fabric to limit moisture infiltration into a pavement structure. The fiberglass matrix in a GlasPave paving mat coated with an elastomeric polymer provides significantly greater tensile strength at low strain when compared to
conventional paving fabrics and other paving mats. Read this research summary that documents GlasPave's outstanding performance.

GlasPave Research Overview




GlasPave Pavement Interlayer strengthens pavements



Pavement Interlayers at Work in the Real World

GlasGrid and GlasPave have been used on projects across North America to extend pavement service life and maximize maintenance budgets. Here are just a few examples that prove their value. 

Proven Performance
Site was re-visited 7 years after installation and no cracking was observed.

GGT-2012-BR-Sheep Falls


Fast Installation

Installation crew beats its daily estimate by
using GlasGrid TF with pre-installed tack film. No cracking observed 8 years later.



Cost Savings

GlasPave saves around 25% of total construction cost for City of Westlake, Ohio

GlasPave Pavement interlayer saves construction cost


Proven Performance

NCAT facility puts GlasGrid to the test, showing exceptional performance after 60 million ESALS of loading.

NCAT Pavement Test Track

13 Years of Proven Performance

A project site in Louisiana was revisited 13 years later. The GlasGrid reinforced section was outperforming other overlays in different sections.



Installation Optimized

GlasPave Paving Mat

Our paving mat features a distinctive design for easy installation and to achieve maximum performance. This first video shows a step-by-step installation on a recent project. You can also download our GlasPave Installation Flyer by clicking the button below.

GlasPave Installation Guide


GlasGrid Pavement Reinforcement System

The GlasGrid System is easily installed without specialized
equipment or labor. Thanks to its pressure-activated adhesive,
it’s considered to be the fastest interlayer system to install
and has proven effective in every geographical area and
climate. And now, GlasGrid TF, with pre-installed elastomeric polymer tack film, provides all the benefits of the GlasGrid System without the challenges of applying a conventional tack coat. Because of it's enhanced bond to asphalt overlays, it out performs the original GlasGrid System to protect against reflective cracking. And, with no tack coat
to prepare and apply, owners and installers save on time, labor
and material costs. This video to the right shows an actual GlasGrid TF installation. You can download installation guides for both GlasGrid and GlasGrid TF below.

GlasGrid System Installation Guide

GlasGrid TF Installation Guide



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