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Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre Chooses Triton Mattresses for Protection from Shoreline Erosion

by Steve Williams, P.E., on Aug 11, 2022 11:00:00 AM

ArethaRecord high water levels in the Great Lakes region has created havoc on its shorelines. Both residential and public property are at risk as the shores are eaten away by the damaging flood waters. Situated on the Detroit River, the Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre, which hosts both national headliners and local acts, came under siege from wave-action induced erosion. The City of Detroit needed a fast, economical and long-lasting solution so that the venue was ready for the concert season. Additional restrictions by the EGLE, which included the use of native stone, caused additional but necessary hurdles to the project.

Triton Marine Mattresses are no stranger to these types of situations since they are commonly used to protect shorelines from heavily erosive conditions. Increased hydraulic performance and constructability advantages mean Triton systems can be significantly less expensive than conventional solutions such as riprap. Watch now to see how Triton mattresses provided a constructable solution for shoreline protection in an area where traditional materials couldn’t be installed.


Learn more about the advantages of the Triton marine mattresses or to find your local distributor by visiting our website.

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