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A Better Construction Solution for Weak Subgrades

by George Charalambous, P.E., on Jan 26, 2021 2:27:12 PM

Weak subgrades are a common problem during the construction of both paved and unpaved structures. When weak subgrades remain unstabilized, repeated traffic loading will cause deformation (or rutting) to occur quickly, which will result in serious maintenance issues and a shorter design life of the structure. How does a designer ensure that these structures last as long as they should? 

There are several methods used to address unsuitable subgrades such as over excavation, chemical treatments, and the usage of geotextiles. However, the problem with these solutions is that they are usually more expensive than most people realize since they often require more granular fill and take longer to construct.

TriAx-240x240Fortunately, Tensar TriAx Geogrid is a proven soil stabilization solution that is more cost-effective and reliable than regular subgrade stabilization methods. TriAx Geogrids have tall and thin rib members that allow soil particles to strike through and interlock. This mechanism confines and locks these particles in place, which in return creates a stiff granular fill layer of thickness. TriAx Geogrid’s unique triangular structure provides multi-directional load-transferring properties that improve the long-term performance of paved and unpaved structures by distributing traffic loads more efficiently over a larger area.


Webinar: Subgrade Stabilization Basics
"Subgrade Stabilization Basics" is a 20 minute webinar that examines the tools for determining the requirements for subgrade stabilization. You'll learn how to estimate the cost savings when using TriAx Geogrid as well as see a brief example of how TriAx Geogrid can help you save money, materials, and time.  

Watch Subgrade Stabilization Basics

Subgrade Protection:
TX_FLY_SUBGRADEPROTECT_8.16Download this flyer to learn how TriAx Geogrid protects subgrades from rutting and extends the life of pavements.



George Charalambous Headshot Hi, I'm George Charalambous, P.E., Senior Regional Manager for Tensar in the State of Florida. I encourage you to contact me for a free, no obligation project review to see how the use of TriAx Geogrid can save you money and reduce risk while also speeding up construction schedules and improving roadway performance. You can also schedule a presentation with me to learn more about Tensar Geogrid solutions.

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